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Trina Blythe, MD, FAAP, pediatrics"I love what I do! Caring for children is a challenge and a privilege. Children are unique, dynamic individuals that are constantly changing, adapting and growing. It is vital to see them through this process with sound preventative care and medical advice. Watching them grow into young adulthood is both rewarding and fulfilling for me."
-- Trina Blythe, MD, FAAP, pediatrics 


Lisa Ryan, MD, PhD, FAAP, pediatrics"I look forward not only to witnessing the growth of the child, but also the growth of each family. My goal is to empower families with tools they need to thrive and be healthy."
-- Lisa Ryan, MD, PhD, FAAP, pediatrics



Dr. Blythe and Dr. Ryan are on the medical staff at Missouri Baptist Medical Center, Progress West Hospital and St. Louis Children's Hospital. Dr. Blythe also is on the medical staff at Barnes-Jewish Hospital.

We realize that parenting can be the most difficult -- but also the most rewarding -- job ever undertaken. We hope to partner with you in this task.

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